Our Team

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Brendan McGill, Chef & Owner

Brendan McGill was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. A youth steeped in wilderness and natural bounty, guided by a craftsman father and educator mother, turned out a curious cook with an appetite for discovery. He moved to Seattle to pursue his career as a chef:

“For more than 10 years, McGill was a quiet standout in Seattle restaurants, sizzling in the kitchens – but out of the public eye.” – Seattle Times

Brendan opened Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island in 2010. The family of his wife, Heidi, had homestead there since 1890; frequent weekends clamming on the family property and cooking from their large organic garden stirred a yearning to get closer to the food and immerse in an agricultural community.

Soon, Seattle took notice: in 2011, Hitchcock was rated *** by the Seattle Times, making the top ten Best New Restaurants by both the Seattle Times and Seattle Magazine. In 2013, Food and Wine Magazine named Brendan the People’s Best New Chef.

In 2014, Brendan was selected as a semifinalist for the James Beard Awards in the category Best Chef Northwest.

Brendan continues to explore the region’s food through exclusive partnerships raising specialty produce, shellfish & livestock, as well as tending to his own culinary gardens. These items are featured on his micro-seasonal tasting menu.


Meghan Muser, General Manager

Meghan moved to Washington in 2015 to apprentice on an organic vegetable farm after spending many years living in San Francisco and New York.  Meghan is dedicated to the farm-to-table experience and sharing the abundance of the Pacific Northwest with the guests of Hitchcock. She is honored to be part of a community of farmers, producers, and chefs committed to excellence. She enjoys getting her hands dirty, adventures, drinking sherry and dreaming of tiki bars.